Workshop Program

2012 Place and Placelessness

Online Graduate Student Workshop Program

Thursday, October 18, 2012


A note on logistics and organization:

Each session will be begin with the delivery of papers, followed by a discussion period. In cases where two papers are to be presented, each will be allocated 15-20 minutes; the panel moderator will ask each presenter to start with a short biography (name, institutional affiliation, research interests), and will also act as a timekeeper. As the discussion period starts, the moderator will ask all participants to provide a short biography, and will also ask that participants state their name every time a new comment is brought forward, so voices can be identified.


Panel 1: Local Environments and Industrial Networks, 12-1:30 EST

Keywords: industrialization; spatial patterns and land-use change; ‘climates’ of social and political contention; nineteenth-century; local economies; coal (Prussia); road building (Canada); cultural perceptions of space

Moderator: Emily Hill (Queen’s University, CAN)

Presenters: Derek Murray (University of Victoria, CAN) and Nora Thade (Ruhr Universität Bochum, GER)

Panel Participants: Linnea Rowlatt (University of Kent, UK); Troy Vettese (University of St. Andrews, UK); Eda Acara (Queen’s University, CAN); Ryan Hunt (University of Western Ontario, CAN); Andrew Watson (York University, CAN)

Local Environmental Change through Road Building: Colonization Roads and Community Development in Canada West, 1852-1859

Derek Murray, University of Victoria, BC, Canada

Spatial Patterns of Coal: Interrelations Between Technology, Culture, and Environment in Times of Industrialisation

Nora Thade, Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany


Panel 2: Climate, Colonialism, and Human Settlement 2-3:30 EST

Keywords: history of climatology; boundaries, patterns, pathologies and climatic zones; human settlement and resource use; place, health and race; volatile atmospheres; colonialism

Moderator: Sinead Earley (Queen’s University, CAN)

Presenters: James Bergman (Harvard University, USA) and Ruth Morgan (Monash University, AUS)

Panel Participants: Linnea Rowlatt (University of Kent, UK); Dan Rueck (York University, CAN); Eda Acara (Queen’s University, CAN); Ryan Hunt (University of Western Ontario, CAN); Andrew Watson (York University, CAN)

“Dislocations at the Boundary”: Defining Climatic Zones on the Great Plains in the 1930s

James Bergman, Harvard University, Cambridge MA, USA

Making a Case for a Colony: Health, Climate and Racial Anxiety in Nineteenth Century British India and Western Australia

Ruth Morgan, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia


Panel 3: Ecologies and Imperialisms, 5-6:30 EST

Keywords: nature as resource; ecological imperialism; indigenous rebellion/activism; vernacular cultures; neocolonialism; cultural politics of climate change; resistance and digital medias

Moderator: Michael Del Vecchio (University of Western Ontario, CAN)

Presenters: Jamie Denike (Vancouver, CAN) and Sinead Earley (Queen’s University, CAN)

Panel Participants: Claudia Ford (Antioch University, USA); Denny Brett (Guelph University, CAN) ELEVATOR PITCH; James Bergman (Harvard University, USA); Eda Acara (Queen’s University, CAN)

The Temporalities of Nature: Ecological Imperialism, Environmental Harm, and the Non-time of Nature

Jamie Denike, Queen’s University ON, Canada

The Ontology of Natural Capital: Resource Extraction and Political Resistance in Northern British Columbia, Canada

Sinead Earley, Queen’s University ON, Canada


Panel 4: Gardens and Urban Climates, 7-8:30 EST

Keywords: public gardens; home; sense of place; ethnosphere; aesthetics; stewardship

Moderator: Mike Commito (McMaster University, CAN)

Presenter: Amanda Hooykaas (University of Waterloo, CAN)

Panel Participants: Andrew Watson (York University, CAN); Emily Hill (Queen’s University, CAN); James Bergman (Harvard University, USA)

The State of Place in the Urban Canadian Garden

Amanda Hooykaas, University of Waterloo ON, Canada


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