2010 – Virtual Field Trip

Walking the Commodity Chain: A Virtual Field Trip to Explore Automobility
Our field trip is focused on a common commodity–the automobile. The car is the product of, and the creator, of a far-reaching global trading chain that links our distant locales and intimately affects our lives. The car is so ubiquitous, however, that we sometimes forget to notice it and recognize its global span and presence.

In this field trip, we are going to mark and question that presence. The content is up to you, the workshop participant. And you can begin now or anytime before the workshop. To make your contribution easier, we provide you with the necessary links and digital tools to record your segment of our distributed field trip.

Below, Sean Kheraj has created a slidecast tutorial to walk you through the process of contributing photos–and geo-tagging them–to our Picassa site.

So start walking through your community: watch and look, take pictures, make an audio recording or short video. The goal is to create a snapshot of a moment in time — and link our places together in a collaborative investigation of local and contemporary environmental history.

View the ongoing slideshow and map for the field trip here.

Click here to access the Picassa group and add your photos to the field trip.

Slidecast Tutorial: How to upload and geo-tag photos

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