Posted by: wegamind | October 4, 2011

Keys to Solid Skype Group Calls

There are a few simple guidelines that help make Skype conference calls run smoothly. These tips will help eliminate distractions caused by technical issues and allow the focus to remain on discussion.

  1. A SOLID, RELIABLE INTERNET CONNECTION: Poor internet connections result in dropped calls. The less time spent trying to secure and keep everyone on the call the better. On the day of the conference, please make sure your internet connection is a strong as it can be.
  2. USE OF HEADSET: Using your headset drastically reduces background noise, which when looped through several computers, becomes a huge distraction. For example, without the use of a headset, typing on a keyboard becomes quite noisy to everyone else on the call.
  3. USE OF MUTE BUTTON: Skype has a mute button (it will be located in differently depending on your version). When not talking, the mute button can be used to eliminate any sound coming from your end of the Skype call. It is also helpful when you need to sneeze, or cough. Although we certainly do not want you to be “mute” the entire conversation, the mute button can be used to limit distractive noises.
  4. DISCUSSIONS: Many of you are probably wondering how the whole Skype conversation will play out. As there is no video, it is somewhat difficult to notice all the normal “cues” for speaking in face to face conversations. Although there will certainly be some interruptions, you will quickly pick up on the Skype cues and the panel moderators will be there to help guide discussion.

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