Posted by: Lauren Wheeler | October 2, 2010

Fish and Tourist and 2 Oceans! Oh My!

Time for the double session! Started with a little bit of time zone confusion but it was quickly overcome to connect England, Canada, Australia, and Japan. Not to shabby.

Presenters: Michael De Vecchio, “Engineering an ‘Aquatic Garden of Eden’: Aquaculture, Angling, and Lake Ahmic”, University of Western Ontario, London Ontario, Canada
David Harris, “Space, Place and Lakes Entrance”, La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia

Hosts: Will Knight, Carleton University, Ottawa Ontario, Canada
Colin Tyner, University of California, Santa Cruz, but in Kanagawa, Japan

Participants: Jim Clifford, York University, Toronto Ontario, Canada
Lauren Wheeler, University of Alberta, Edmonton Alberta, Canada
Shane McCorristine, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, but in transit so in York, England.

How does a double session work? 40 minutes for each paper and then it is a free for all!
We started with Mike, who explained brings experience as a fishing guide on smaller lakes in Ontario to his study of fisheries and tourism on Lake Ahmic. Then moved across a continent and over the really big ocean to David, who comes to concepts to place and space on Lake Entrance from a background in urban history. We did manage to discuss the papers separately for a good chunk of time, but it was went our presenters started talking to the other’s work in reference to their own the discussion started to get interesting. For example, Mike’s work is very attentive to the quantitative data of species and fish population numbers where as David’s is much more literary based so the exchange of approaches on that level was great. This was when I had to leave the call due to another engagement so hopefully that discussion continued.


New Day! New Session!
First thing on Saturday morning we spoke to Shane McCorristine about Representations of the West of Ireland, 1817-1852: Wilderness, Suffering, and Civilization”. Shane was over in the British Isles – sorry not sure which of the islands he was on at this point – and the rest of the group were in various locations across North America.

Got to the call late – just like one of those annoying people at a conference that sneaks in half way through a panel. At that point the discussion was on spectralness, the colonial project in the west of Ireland, the resilience of certain attitudes towards the landscape in Ireland that are connected to stereotypes of Irish-English relations. Near the end the conversation moved on the politics of commemorating the famine in Ireland as well as in North America, all coming back to how to bind the two parts of the paper together or whether to make it in to 3 or 4 papers!
From the viewpoint of this interloper, it was another successful session. Nice to see the idea working the way we’d hoped.

I’ll be back with another post in a few hours so keep posted and share your comments about the session!




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