Posted by: Lauren Wheeler | October 1, 2010

Climate Change in Medieval England

Alright, time for session #3 “The Impact of Climate Change on Late Medieval English Culture”

Presenter: Linnea Rowlett, University of Toronto, Toronto Ontario, Canada
Host: Lauren Wheeler, University of Alberta, Edmonton Alberta, Canada

Participants: Jim Clifford, York University, Toronto Ontario, Canada
Daniel Zizzamia, Montana State University, Bozemen Montana, United States
Crystal Fraser, University of Alberta, Edmonton Alberta, Canada
Interloper: Will Knight, Carleton University, Ottawa Ontario, Canada

Sometimes in these discussions it is all about concepts. Sometimes it is about working though the nitty-gritty of moving a piece from masters project to publishable article. The discussion of Linnea’s paper was more of the latter than the former, but with a solid discussion of the place of theory in an environmental history article versus a linguistics article. The question of the European vs. the North American approach to environmental history did come up since the paper seems to function in-between the two – maybe this is the approach to take…
Working through all the questions and considerations that comes with re-conceiving a paper for publication is one of the goals of Place and Placelessness. This paper offered an excellent opportunity to do just this because no one in the call was an expert on medieval environmental history but everyone was interested in at least one the of the theoretical questions asked. The group tackled issues of what journals would be appropriate and who the intended audiences are. From there we did get a little distracted giving suggestions of how to take the masters project further along.
In the end lots of interesting secondary sources were shared via the Skype Chat function and hopefully we didn’t overwhelm Linnea with new sources to look at.

Next session is a double feature at 4pm EST so keep posted for more!


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